5.1 Practical Applications

Many people in the world live in the dark and suffer without proper lighting.By introducing LED lights which are cheaper and brighter, people no longer need to use poor sources of light such as fire, which affect eyesight and human health.Also, LED lights do not heat up easily unlike the normal filament light bulbs we use.LED lights would be a useful contribution to the society.

Our experiment, also helped to remove the misconception among students that the heating effect of the bulbs would affect its brightness.


5.2 Areas for further study

In this experiment, our main aim was to find out whether the increase in temperature will cause the brightness of the light bulbs to increase. We can further study on what other factors could affect the brightness of the light bulbs over a period of time. We can also further study on which situations will exactly cause the brightness of the light bulbs decrease and how long the light bulbs will take for its brightness to decrease.

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