Annex B-Research Data

Trial experiment 

Trial experiment using:

- 1 fluorescent light bulb 
- 1 filament light bulb

Duration: 20 minutes

Checking temperature & light intensity: in the interval of 5 min


Fluorescent light bulb
 Filament light bulb 


Our hypothesis:  

The heating effect of the light bulbs (LED, fluorescent, filament) for a duration of three hours will affect  the brightness of the light bulbs. Three types of light bulbs; LED, filament and fluorescent with the same brightness is used.

In the trial experiment, our hypothesis was proven wrong. However, to prove that it is really wrong we did the actual experiment in a period of 3 hours.

What have we learnt:

-Do not follow the first reading. Try one/few more times before coming to a conclusion.

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